About Jessica's Cosmetic Surgeries

About Jessica's Cosmetic Surgeries

Home Remedies For Back Pain

by Ross Martin

If you suffer from chronic back pain, you'll want a way to get through those bad days. While it's important for you to see a doctor for professional help, you can still use some home remedies during those periods when you need extra help to make it through the day with as little back pain as possible. This article will introduce you to some home remedies for back pain that you should keep in mind for future reference.

Ice and heat

Ice and heat can really help to calm a hurting back. You should use ice on injuries and heat for chronic muscle pain. A good way to make sure you always have both ice and heat available to put on your back is to make a rice sock from a tube sock. Fill a sock with uncooked rice and tie or sew it closed at the open end. The sock needs to be long enough to go across your back. Leave the sock in the freezer for cold and put it in the microwave in 30 second increments for heat. However, make sure not to warm up a frozen sock because the condensation could cause the rice to cook. 

Essential oils

Essential oils can do a great job of helping to get rid of pain. You can find all types of these oils online, along with a description of what ailments each type of oil helps treat. If the oil you purchase comes to you undiluted, make sure you follow the instructions regarding how much olive oil to dilute it with before you put it on your skin. To apply it, you want to put a small amount on your finger tip and rub it in to the part of your back that hurts. Have someone else do this if you can't reach.

Lumbar support

Make sure you support the lower part of your back when you are sitting. You can use a baby pillow or a rolled up towel for support. Put it in the seat along your tailbone and push it down until you can feel some relief in your back.

Know when to see your doctor

If you are suddenly experiencing more back pain than normal, you should get in to see your doctor right away. You may have done something to further irritate or injure your back and this should be treated professionally right away.  

Keep these back pain treatments in mind for those days when your back hurts!


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