About Jessica's Cosmetic Surgeries

About Jessica's Cosmetic Surgeries

How To Get Back On Your Feet Sooner After Bunion Surgery

by Ross Martin

When your bunions become so painful that they are keeping you off your feet, it's time to take action. Bunion surgery can correct the condition, often permanently, so you can once again walk without pain. However, the recovery period from bunion surgery can be a bit burdensome. Here are some ways to get back on your feet sooner after bunion surgery.

1. Don't walk until your surgeon tells you it's okay.

Some people are in such a rush to recover that they start walking on their foot before their surgeon clears them to do so. Just because you're able to walk on the foot without considerable pain does not mean you are ready to do so. When you're on pain relievers after surgery, your pain tolerance will be elevated, and you may be injuring the repaired foot without realizing it. Walking on the foot too soon can disrupt the incisions and cause the bone to move out of place. Your surgeon will probably tell you to stay off your foot for at least two weeks -- adhere to these recommendations no matter how good you feel.

2. Put everything you need within reach.

In the days following your surgery, you will need to rest. The more you rest, the more your body can focus on repairing the injured tissue. Make it easier for yourself to rest by gathering everything you need into one area before you have surgery. Put a small fridge next to the couch. Gather your pillows, pain relievers, phone charger, and everything else you might need. The less you need to move during these first few days, the better.

3. Don't drive.

Many people injure their repaired foot by driving after surgery. You may think you'll take it easy on the gas pedal, until you have to slam on the gas or the brake to avoid an accident. Have your friend drive you around until your surgeon clears you to drive.

4. Eat a nutritious diet.

This is not an excuse to sit around and eat ice cream while feeling bad for yourself! Make sure you are eating plenty of nutritious fruits and vegetables. The vitamins and minerals they contain will help your body heal faster after bunion surgery. You should also talk to your doctor about taking a multivitamin daily as you recovery.

Follow the tips above, and you should heal well, getting back on your feet sooner after bunion surgery. For more help, contact a business like Richard Moy DPY INC.


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