About Jessica's Cosmetic Surgeries

About Jessica's Cosmetic Surgeries

The Differences Among Private, Semi-Private, And Open Rooms In A Senior Care Facility

by Ross Martin

Making a responsible choice for where to live after a person is too old or too immobile to stay in their own home is a big decision. This decision is often left to the adult children who look after their elderly parents. If you are an adult child looking for a new place for your elderly parents to reside, you should know that every senior care facility operates in a very different way. For example, the rooms offered are often private, semi-private, and open. The following differences among these rooms will help you determine which is the best option for your parents and which facility is best for their needs.


Private means exactly that--private. There is only one person per room. Some facilities provide an exception where spouses are both still alive and want to share a private suite, which typically contains a larger bed or two beds and, occasionally, a sitting area. No one else is housed in the same space or room, so your parents are free to do as they like, speak to whomever they want without a roommate butting into the conversation or eavesdropping, and have visitors whenever they feel like without inconveniencing a roommate.


A semi-private room means that the rooms are shared with one other non-family member. The spaces are limited to two per room, which means that if your parents cannot get a room together, they will be in separate rooms and sharing space with people they do not know. Semi-private rooms are less expensive than private rooms, but they really are the luck of the draw as far as getting along with the other people in them. There are greater restrictions and social considerations to be made as well.


Open means that the room is completely open. It is a large space, but at least three people share the same room with only privacy curtains to provide privacy during cares and personal assistance. If there is a bathroom in the room, all three people share it, and everyone hears what is going on in the bathroom. It is more of a nursing home facility where people are receiving care to recuperate from surgeries, but because Medicare does not cover the cost of living in a semi-private or private facility, most elderly people end up in homes where open rooms are the norm. Conversations with guests are all heard out in the open too, so you would have to be careful about what you talk about with your parents if they live in an open room facility.

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