About Jessica's Cosmetic Surgeries

About Jessica's Cosmetic Surgeries

PRP Therapy And Post-Procedure Heat: What's The Deal?

by Ross Martin

Look through instructions for post-procedure care after a platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy session, and you'll notice that there seem to be conflicting instructions, particularly regarding heat exposure after the treatment. Many instructions say to use heat to soothe pain or take a warm shower later in the day, but others say to avoid hot showers and becoming overheated. Sometimes the instructions for one clinic will have both types of advice. That can be confusing, but there is some reasoning behind those instructions.

Contradicting Instructions?

First, some of the instructions aren't as conflicting as they seem at first. You may be told to use heat compresses to soothe pain after a set number of hours but to avoid being out in hot temperatures or going into a sauna for a couple of days. Notice that the first instruction about heat compresses is about something that's dry, while the others soak the treatment area in sweat. Other instructions tell you to take a hot shower that evening, after a few hours have passed since the procedure, but to avoid swimming for a few days. Hot showers tend to be much shorter than a few laps in a pool. So the length of time, type of exposure, and the effects of the exposure all matter.

Individual Circumstances

All that being said, your individual circumstance takes precedence. Follow the treatment center's instructions for care very carefully. If you see anything contradicting (such as taking a hot shower that evening but don't expose the area to heat for a couple of days), point it out and ask about it to your treatment professional. There could be another detail that turns that seeming contradiction into instructions that make sense.

Why Heat Is So Important

The PRP therapy works through inflammation, so you don't want to take medications that reduce inflammation or expose the site to cold temperatures, which can also reduce inflammation. At the same time, you don't want to become overheated as sweating may interfere with the injection site, and you don't want to overwhelm yourself with heat; situations that make you overheat tend to be longer-term than something like a shower.

Each clinic will have its own instructions for post-procedure care. Follow them and let the clinic know if you experience any side effects. As long as you follow instructions, you should be OK, but like any procedure, you'll want to monitor your recovery. Usually, recovery is swift and goes very well. 

For more information about PRP injections and how to handle post-care, reach out to a local clinic.


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