About Jessica's Cosmetic Surgeries

About Jessica's Cosmetic Surgeries

Getting The Most From Your Home Health Care Services

by Ross Martin

Turning to home health care is never an easy decision; however, in many circumstances, it is the best solution for an aging loved one. Learn the best ways to get the most from your home health care services by following the advice listed below.

Be Honest

In order for the home health service to provide the best care, it is essential that the service knows the medical history of the patient. When the home health service receives an order from a physician, it will only list the current medical conditions of the patient. Many times the order will not include past medical problems and current medications.

During the initial consultation, you need to be ready to discuss all of your loved one's health issues. This should include the mental state of your family member, the medication schedule of your family member and any other pertinent information that can help the home health care service provide the best treatment.

If there are telltale signs that occur before sickness, let the nurse know during the consultation. For example, if your loved one always complains of dizziness before a bout of pneumonia, let the nurse know. Many patients say they feel dizzy when they become weak.

Ask Questions

The service understands that letting go of some independence can be scary to the patient and family members. If you or your loved one has concerns, express them to the social worker or nurse. They can help make the transition into home health care go smoother if they know what challenges they are facing.

If you have questions as to which services are included, ask. Will the home health care be administering medications? Alternatively, will they only be checking vitals? How often will the nurse be visiting? Are there other services available, such as bathing services, light housekeeping, cooking meals, etc.? Finding out these things will help you get the most from your home health care team.

Make Necessary Changes

Sometimes a patient does not like a particular home health aide or nurse. If this happens, contact the home health care social worker. The social worker understands that certain personalities do not get along.

The social worker is there to help you get the most from your home health care experience. So, contact them if you have any type of issue. Many times, they will be able to solve the issue within a couple of days.

Home care services, like ComForcare Home Care - New Orleans, strive to keep families and individuals safe and happy. However, a home health care service is only as good as the information you offer. It is important to discuss all medical conditions with the home health service. If you do not understand something, ask questions. Finally, if you or your loved one is unhappy with the services offered, check with other companies until you find a service you love. 


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About Jessica's Cosmetic Surgeries

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