About Jessica's Cosmetic Surgeries

About Jessica's Cosmetic Surgeries

Caring For Your Aging Loved One: Know Your Options

by Ross Martin

When your parent or loved one begins to age, you find yourself worried and concerned about their health and safety on a daily basis. After all, daily living activities become more and more difficult as people age, and if your loved one also suffers from any form of dementia, their safety becomes a nearly constant concern and worry. Because you have a job and other responsibilities that take up a great deal of your time during the day, you find yourself wondering what assistance is available to keep your loved one safe and healthy all throughout the day until you can return and care for them yourself. Get to know the available options and hire a service for assistance as soon as possible.

Adult Day Care Services

Adult day care services, also known simply as adult day services, are available through many senior care centers and rehabilitation centers to provide your senior loved one with needed care and monitoring while you are away at work or running needed errands. An adult day service will give your loved one their needed medications on time and will check and monitor their vital signs to ensure they are physically healthy and safe.

Adult day service facilities have secure indoor and outdoor spaces so that seniors with dementia do not wander off-site and get lost or are in any danger. They get the opportunity to socialize with other seniors and are provided with activities and recreation designed to be stimulating and fun for senior citizens. Your loved one will also be provided with meals and snacks that are nutritious and delicious. 

In-Home Care Services

If you are not comfortable taking your loved one to an adult day care service everyday, or you need assistance and care for them outside of facility hours, you may be looking for other available options. In-home senior care services are one such option. 

These care providers send caregivers right to your loved one's home to provide monitoring, companionship, and health services. Depending on what your loved one needs, you can hire a medical or non-medical home care service. Medical care services are able to monitor vitals, give medications, and apply first aid. Non-medical services can give medication reminders, but do not give first aid or track vitals. 

Care in the home can range from 24-hours a day to a few hours during the day in which you or other family members cannot be there to help out and keep an eye on your loved one. The flexibility and diverse availability of home care services can provide your loved one with the supplemental care they need in addition to your assistance and adult day services. 

As you can see, there are options to help care for your loved one as they age and begin to need assistance with their daily living tasks. All you need to do is determine which services work best for you and your loved one, and get started right away. 

For more information, check out companies such as Independent Days Adult Care Center, Inc.


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