About Jessica's Cosmetic Surgeries

About Jessica's Cosmetic Surgeries

3 Reasons To Stop Avoiding Cataract Surgery

by Ross Martin

The thought of having surgery on your eyes can be somewhat disturbing to many people, yet approximately 3 million Americans go through cataract removal surgery each year. If you find out you have cataracts and the doctor wants to schedule surgery to remove them, you should build up the courage to do this, and here are three reasons not to avoid this common surgery.

Your eyesight will worsen

Cataracts often begin forming simply from age, but they can also form from injuries. A cataract forms on the lens in your eye and is made up of extra tissue. As this begins to happen, the tissue blocks light from passing through your eye. This causes you to have trouble seeing clearly, and you may have trouble making out colors.

Over time, the tissue builds up and becomes thicker, which means your eyesight will worsen over time. If you have cataracts, leaving them there will only cause further problems to your eyes and eyesight.

The procedure is not bad

Cataract surgery is a very common type of surgery and is performed outpatient. It takes less than one hour, and the recovery time is fast. During the procedure, an eye doctor will remove the lens from your eye and will replace it with an artificial lens.

After the procedure is complete, your eyes may feel itchy and slightly sore, but this typically goes away after just a few days. You will probably be given eye drops to use, which will help keep your eyes clean and free from infection.  

You will be able to see much better

The best reason not to avoid cataract surgery is the effects it offers on eyesight. When your vision is foggy, unclear, and blurry from cataracts, you will be surprised by the difference you will experience just a few days after having the cataracts removed.

Your vision will improve tremendously because there is nothing blocking your eyes from seeing, and you may even regret not having the procedure done sooner. About one month after your procedure, your eye doctor might suggest getting an eye exam conducted. At this point, your eyesight should be as good as it will get after the surgery, and you will be ready to get new eyeglasses made, if necessary.  

If you are ready to see better and go through this procedure, contact your eye doctor like one from Midwest Eye Care PC and schedule your cataract surgery appointment today.


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