About Jessica's Cosmetic Surgeries

About Jessica's Cosmetic Surgeries

Keep Your Orthodontic Bill Affordable

by Ross Martin

Affordable orthodontics can be difficult to find. Still, for people seeking services on a limited budget, these tips can help you get the orthodontic services you need at a price you can afford. 

Shop Around

Price can vary by practice and by community. Don't settle for the first orthodontist you meet. Shop around. Visit at least two or three different professional orthodontists, like those at Reed Orthodontics, before selecting the right orthodontist for you. 


Many orthodontists are in business for themselves and therefore can negotiate their own prices. Don't assume an orthodontist's rates are set in stone. When discussing costs and payment options, simply explain your financial limitations and ask what can be done to work within your budget. Some orthodontists may be willing to lower their prices for customers in need, but there may be other ways that your orthodontist can play with the cost to make your procedures more affordable. Here are a couple examples:

  • Payment plan. Many offices will set up a reasonable payment plan for patients. However, some offices use third party vendors to collect these payments. Ask about any fees and interest rates before signing on the dotted line. Offices that handle their own billing may be more likely to set up interest-free payment plans without fees. 
  • Pay cash or up front for a better deal. Payment plans are so common that some offices may offer services at a discount in exchange for up front payment. Some offices may also offer a lower rate for patients paying in cash or check because this allows them to bypass credit card fees.

Contact Nearby Universities

Universities with orthodontic programs need patients for their students to practice on. Procedures done by students at these universities are monitored carefully by faculty members to ensure the safety of the patients, and may cost significantly less than procedures done by regular licensed professionals. For more information, contact nearby dental schools housed within colleges and universities in your area. 

Get an All-Inclusive Contract

If you're paying for all services up front, get a contract that includes some replacement hardware. Orthodontic equipment doesn't last forever, and the cost of replacing various parts can add up over time. 

Maintain open communication with your chosen orthodontist throughout the treatment process, and don't be afraid to discuss the financial side of your upcoming orthodontic work. The more your orthodontist understands about your financial situation, the more he or she may think to offer money-saving suggestions as they come up. 


About Me

About Jessica's Cosmetic Surgeries

Hello there! I'm Jessica Goodyear. I am an unofficial expert on cosmetic procedures--mostly because I've had a lot of them done. Some people judge me or think I'm fake, but I feel more like myself than I ever have before! It all started when I was a teenager. I broke my nose playing softball, and I had to have plastic surgery on my nose so that I could breathe properly. But my nose looked different afterwards, and I liked it better! Now I save up my money to get something done every few years. Whether it's teeth whitening or veneers, a little bit of liposuction, or new cheekbones, there's something so satisfying about letting your inner beauty shine out through your outer body. I started this site to help break the stereotypes about cosmetic surgeries and to talk about some of the health risks related to them. Check it out!