About Jessica's Cosmetic Surgeries

About Jessica's Cosmetic Surgeries

Dealing With Stroke Complications: Why You Need An In-Home Care Nurse

by Ross Martin

Do you sit around a lot because movement in your legs is limited from stroke complications? It is actually not in your best interest to spend so much time being immobile, as it can cause your condition to become worse. Find out in this article how in-home care from a nurse can be beneficial to your situation.

How Can In-Home Care from a Nurse Assist a Stroke Victim?

You will find an in-home care nurse helpful because he or she can help you to avoid having another stroke. For instance, if high blood pressure was the cause of the stroke, the nurse can monitor it regularly to take action if it becomes too high. He or she can also assist you with taking your medication, which is beneficial if you tend to forget sometimes. Your other vital statistics will be closely monitored as well to make sure you don't need prompt medical attention.

An in-home care nurse can also assist with keeping the blood circulating in your legs. You must understand that immobility of the legs can lead to you suffering from deep vein thrombosis (DVT). You don't want DVT because it can lead to the formation of blood clots in your legs that can make their way to your lungs. DVT can also raise your blood pressure to a dangerous level, which can cause another stroke. A nurse will massage and exercise your legs, as well as assist you with walking to keep them active.

Can an In-Home Care Nurse Assist Daily Tasks?

A nurse will be able to help you get to and from medical appointments since you are likely unable to safely drive on your own. Transportation also includes trips to the grocery store, leisure activities and running errands. The nurse can also drop utility bills in the mailbox for you if the service is needed.

If you struggle with bathing and putting on outfits, an in-home care nurse will be able to assist you with such tasks. He or she can also assist with brushing your teeth and keeping your hair combed. Cooking and cleaning can also be done on your behalf to a certain extent.

You don't have to spend your time sitting in a chair while recovering from stroke complications. A little assistance from a nurse can make your condition easier to cope with. Don't delay contacting an in-home nurse service, like MultiCare Home Health, to get the help that you need!


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