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About Jessica's Cosmetic Surgeries

The Tired Toddler: Understanding The Causes Of Excessive Tiredness In Young Children

by Ross Martin

If your toddler has shown a marked decrease in energy or seems to be sleeping more, but does not seem to bounce back to his or her normal self, you might be concerned. Tiredness and lethargy in toddlers can indicate underlying health conditions, or it could be a normal phase that your child will overcome without medical help. How do you know when you should be concerned? What are the possible causes for your young child to consistently feel tired?

Why Toddlers Normally Get Tired

If your son or daughter has forgone running and jumping for laying on the couch, there are some common factors that could be coming into play. In the face of your child's fatigue, you should ask the following questions:

  1. Has your child been going to bed at the same time each night for the past little while? Over-tiredness is most often present because the child is, in fact, over-tired. A loss of one or two hours of sleep because of traveling, vacations, family visits, or a new transition can really impact a toddler's energy levels. Note that over-exposure to television or other stimulation can also promote sleepiness because they decrease sleep quality. 
  2. Has your child been through an emotionally stressful ordeal? Children need time to make adjustments to new life changes, especially if their emotions and their bodies must make changes. Moving, losing a parent, changing to a new child caregiver, or the loss of a pet could affect how much energy your child has. Pressure to perform, especially socially or academically, can also lead to fatigue.
  3. Toddler energy levels may dip if they have low blood sugar, especially if they aren't eating enough at mealtimes. Some toddlers may not have the communication skills to recognize and communicate pervasive hunger. This is especially common during growth spurts. 

If your child has been sleeping normally and has not had to deal with any life changes, it's time to consider medical reasons for the decrease in energy.

Medical Causes For Fatigue In Children

Many diseases and infections have fatigue as a side-effect. However, parents usually notice other symptoms, like fevers or bruising, that indicate something wrong. When fatigue presents without other prominent symptoms, these are the most common reasons why:

  1. Anemia. Some children have anemia because they are not getting enough iron. Others may have chronic conditions where the bone marrow does not produce as many red-blood cells as it should. Your pediatrician can test for anemia and most types are easily treated with supplements or transfusions.
  2. Diabetes. Because people with untreated diabetes are not getting the energy they need from food, they will feel tired and thirsty all of the time until they receive treatment. Frequent urination is also a symptom of diabetes.
  3. Mononucleosis. This illness presents in young children and teenagers and may come with other symptoms, including vomiting. Mono brings almost complete lethargy and can remain for weeks. it should be treated by a doctor, especially in children who are quite young.

Talk to a pediatrician, such as those at Willow Oak Pediatrics, about your child's energy levels if you are worried, especially because rarer diseases, like childhood cancers, can also bring fatigue. 


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