About Jessica's Cosmetic Surgeries

About Jessica's Cosmetic Surgeries

Holiday Planning Tips For Families With Loved Ones In Assisted Living

by Ross Martin

The holiday season is a time of the year for families to get together and enjoy each other's company. If your loved one has made the transition to an assisted living facility this year, this doesn't mean you have to cancel your holiday plans. With a little creativity you can bring the joy of the holidays right to your loved one's bed side. Here are some holiday planning tips for your family.

Include Your Loved One In The Planning

Especially if your loved one in assisted living care was the matriarch or patriarch of the family who was typically responsible for planning your family holiday events, you can maintain a level of normalcy by bringing them in on the plans.

For example, choosing an arrival time based on their schedule is a way to make them feel important and a part of the process. If your loved one is more independent and lives in a facility where they have private living quarters, maybe you could put them in charge of decorating.

Choose Gifts Wisely

Be practical when it comes to the gifts you choose for your loved one. Try to choose items that they can use often so that they will constantly be reminded of you. A nice lap blanket is an option. Your loved one can use it on their bed or simply toss it on their lap, should they use a wheelchair as a mobility aid.

If you are able to make regular visits to the facility, a potted plant is a great addition. Your loved one can enjoy its beauty and you can take care of its watering needs.

Plan A Menu With Them In Mind

If the assisted care facility allows you to bring in food from the outside for a holiday gathering, only bring in those items your loved one can also enjoy. Having food selections for them and then something entirely different for everyone else might make them feel uncomfortable.

Even if this means you have to eat a little different from what you normally would, the fact that you're doing it for your loved one should bring you joy. Make sure you speak with their healthcare provider for a menu approval first.

While the holidays will be somewhat different when you have a loved one in assisted living, this doesn't mean they can't be enjoyable. Make sure you are making an effort to include your loved one this holiday season.


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