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About Jessica's Cosmetic Surgeries

Chronic Headache Causes & Solutions

by Ross Martin

Almost everyone suffers from headaches every now and then. Occasional headaches can occur for a variety of reasons that are no cause for serious concern. These types of headaches can usually be cured with over the counter medicine such as aspirin.

However, chronic headaches can be related to more serious underlying reasons. Chronic headaches shouldn't be considered as a part of a normal condition. When possible, the underlying cause of chronic headaches should be examined. Chronic headaches are defined as headaches that happen at least 15 times in a period of 30 days. A chronic headache can be a migraine, throbbing pain, or any other type of pain. Here are some of the most common reasons for chronic headaches.

Alignment Issues

If your neck or spine is out of alignment, it could be pinching a nerve. That nerve would then send pain signals to your brain, causing you to experience a headache. Certain movements or positions may make the pain appear sporadically, on a chronic basis.

If you suspect that you might have alignment issues, it's wise to consult with a chiropractor. Chiropractic care involves ensuring that your head, neck and spine are in proper alignment, which may help alleviate the headache symptoms you're experiencing.

Eyesight Issues

If your eyes are constantly straining to see, that tension can lead to chronic headache pain. Your eye muscles have to work in order to focus on everything around you. You could be experiencing eyestrain and tension all the time without even realizing it, if your eyesight needs adjusting.

If you find yourself with chronic headaches and you suspect poor eyesight, it might help to consult with an eye doctor. With proper eye wear such as glasses or contacts, your eyes won't have to strain to focus, and your headaches might disappear.

Footwear Issues

Your feet bear the load of your entire body, as well as influence how well your spine lines up. When you wear footwear, the footwear alters the way your feet carry the weight of your body. You might not have an issue until you wear improperly fitting shoes or boots. If you detect that your headaches seem to be brought on with a certain pair of footwear, try going without them for a while. If your headaches go away, the cause might have been linked to footwear issues. Treatment is as simple as discarding that footwear.

Chronic headaches can often be avoided with these simple steps. Once you narrow down the cause, the solution becomes clearer.


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