About Jessica's Cosmetic Surgeries

About Jessica's Cosmetic Surgeries

Children With Type-1 Diabetes

by Ross Martin

Have you noticed a steady decline in your child's performance at school due to his or her blurred vision? Although astigmatism is one of the most common conditions that lead to blurred vision, consider getting your child tested for type-1 diabetes. Diabetes often causes a child to stop performing to the fullest extent in school, as well as problems with seeing things clearly. Taking your child to a specialist in a prompt manner is the best way to catch diabetes in the early stage of development. Browse through the content below to become more informed about type-1 diabetes in case your child is suffering from the condition.

The Cause & Symptoms

An important thing that a body must have to stay functional is a hormone known as insulin. If a specialist makes a diagnosis that your child has type-1 diabetes, it means that his or her body has stopped producing a sufficient amount of insulin. Insulin is necessary because it provides energy, which can keep your child active enough at school to stay productive. Without getting treated, your child can experience symptoms such as fatigue, weight loss, and thirstiness on a regular basis. He or she might also feel the need to eat, as diabetes can cause the feeling of hunger.

Why Treatment is Important

There are a few reasons in regards to why prompt medical treatment for your child is important. For instance, he or she can experience damage to body parts such as the eyes, kidneys, and heart. It is also possible for his or her skin to develop bacterial infections, which can lead to serious problems. High blood pressure is one of the complications that can develop if diabetes isn't treated promptly. A number of dangerous underlying conditions can develop from the main complications of type-1 diabetes.

Keeping Diabetes Under Control

A child that suffers from type-1 diabetes must have regular checkups with a physician. The reason why is because the physician will be able to keep track of any concerning changes that takes places in your child's body. Monitoring your child's blood sugar levels is something else that must be done to keep his or her diabetes symptoms under control, and you can rely on a professional to test it on your behalf. Upon your child getting diagnosed, you will likely have to administer insulin injections to him or her at home. A specialist will explain how the injections should be administered. 

For more information on blood sugar testing for children, contact your local pediatric clinic today.


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