About Jessica's Cosmetic Surgeries

About Jessica's Cosmetic Surgeries

How Does the Cycle of Depression Work?

by Ross Martin

Depression is a vicious cycle, and anybody who has lived with the mental health condition knows how detrimental it can be to a regular schedule. In order to get the right treatment for depression, it is helpful to know exactly what depression entails and how it impacts you.

The more you can clearly describe your symptoms, the better you can discuss them with a therapist. Here's what you should know.

Depression Often Starts With a Stressor

In many situations, depression begins with a stressor. The stressor can be a long-term or short-term situation that causes somebody to experience symptoms. Often, the reaction to stressors may not seem like depression. It could be anxiety or worry.

Dealing with those stressors is often where treatment for depression begins. When you can learn how to cope with stressors early on, you can prevent many of the symptoms from setting in and becoming more serious, leading to depression.

Unhealthy Thoughts & Feelings May Develop

Often, stressors lead people to have unhealthy thoughts that can lead to depression. For example, learning that somebody did not invite you to a party may lead you to the thought, "Nobody likes me" or "I am not a fun person." These can lead to false beliefs you hold about yourself.

Situations like these can lead to negative feelings. For example, you might feel lonely or isolated. You might wonder if there is something wrong with you, and you may even begin to hate yourself. When you don't haven't developed the proper coping skills, you may let these feelings take control.

Physical Symptoms May Develop

Your body may begin to react to the depression setting in as well, which can lead to exhaustion and fatigue. You may experience a lack of appetite and lack of concentration, which then, in turn, can influence your existing relationships and goals.

Behavioral Responses Worsen Depression

When you are impacted by emotional and physical symptoms, your behavior will reflect it. For example, your sadness about not being invited to the party may then lead you to treat people with suspicion or negativity, thus leading to further isolation and lack of social behavior. This, in turn, leads to the beginning of the cycle, the stimuli that set off the symptoms in the first place.

Get Treatment for Depression Today

Depression is a cycle, but you do not have to live in that cycle. Speak with a therapist today to learn more about your options, whether you seek natural treatments, psychotherapy, or medication. A professional will examine your symptoms and determine which option is ideal.


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