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About Jessica's Cosmetic Surgeries

Answers To Your Questions About The Covid-19 Vaccine Booster

by Ross Martin

It's no secret that vaccination against Covid-19 decreases your likelihood of contracting a deadly infection or passing the disease on to others. With boosters now becoming available, you likely have questions that need answers. 

Should You Get a Booster Vaccine?

Pending CDC approval, only certain populations are likely to receive booster vaccine recommendations. This may change so it is important to check in with current recommendations often, either with your doctor or via the CDC. Generally, those 65 and older or those with certain high-risk health conditions are being given the go-ahead to get a booster shot. Younger people that work or live with high-risk populations or in a high-risk setting, such as medical care, may also want to get a vaccine booster. 

When Should You Get a Booster shot?

Timing varies depending upon the initial vaccine that you received. For those that received the Johnson & Johnson single-shot vaccine, you may be eligible as soon as two months after the initial vaccination. Those that received the two-dose Moderna and Pfizer vaccines become eligible at six months following the second dose. There may be exceptions to these guidelines, so it is always a good idea to consult with your doctor when determining whether to get a Covid-19 booster vaccine.

Can You Choose a Different Vaccine?

The good news is that you don't need to get the same booster as your initial vaccine. You can mix and match the booster vaccine from any of the main three manufacturers that provided the initial vaccines in the US. In fact, different vaccines can activate and strengthen the immune system differently, so choosing a different Covid-19 vaccine for your booster shot may actually increase your immunity against the disease. 

Are There Side Effects for a Booster Shot?

Any vaccine can come with side effects. For a Covid-19 booster, you can usually expect side effects no worse than what you experienced during the initial vaccination. For most people, these side effects were minor. Sore arms, headaches, and minor flu-like symptoms were the norm. Boosters are likely to produce even more minor side effects, perhaps because the body already has immunity and therefore won't react as violently as it did initially. Even though side effects can be uncomfortable, they are a small price to pay for ensuring your health and the health of those around you.

If you would like to learn more about the Covid-19 vaccine and booster shots, or if you need to schedule a vaccine appointment, please contact your doctor as soon as possible. 


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