About Jessica's Cosmetic Surgeries

About Jessica's Cosmetic Surgeries

Starting To See Wrinkles Around Your Eyes? 3 Treatment Options

by Ross Martin

If you are starting to see wrinkles around your eyes, there are many treatment options to help these wrinkles go away. Below is information about three of these treatments.


Botox can be used to treat a variety of wrinkles, including wrinkles around your eyes. This will smooth the wrinkles, making them go away or become much less noticeable. Botox blocks the nerves that cause the muscles around your eyes to contract. Botox can also help with wrinkles on your forehead between your eyes. 

The dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon can determine if Botox will work well for you. If so, they will first clean your skin and then inject the solution under the wrinkle. If you are fearful of needles and pain the doctor can wipe an anesthetic on the area to numb your skin before they make the injection.

Botox is not a permanent solution so you will need more injections in the future. Your doctor can tell you how long this will last for you as it may be a few months.


Another option you have is using fillers. There are dermal fillers or soft tissue fillers a doctor can choose. These fillers will fill in the hollow area of the wrinkles making the wrinkles go away completely or become much less noticeable. You can have fillers done by a dermatologist, cosmetic surgeon, or any health care professional that is trained to do this. 

The doctor injects the filler into the wrinkles and in most cases, you will see immediate results. You may have some side effects, but they will go away soon after the treatment is over. These side effects include bleeding and bruising at the injection site. Just like with Botox, fillers will not last forever, so you will have to return to have the treatment done again to keep your wrinkles away. 


Microneedling can be used to treat eye wrinkles, as well as other wrinkles you may have on your face. A roller that is covered with needles is rolled over your wrinkled area. These poke tiny holes in the skin which will stimulate collagen to grow. Collagen is likely the reason you have wrinkles because collagen breaks down as you age. 

Microneedling is beneficial because it is a fast treatment. You may feel a little pain during the treatment. It will take longer for microneedling to work as it takes time for new collagen to grow. 

Talk with a dermatologist to learn much more about these treatments, including Botox injections, as well as other treatments available for you. 


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