About Jessica's Cosmetic Surgeries

About Jessica's Cosmetic Surgeries

  • Caring For Your Aging Loved One: Know Your Options

    When your parent or loved one begins to age, you find yourself worried and concerned about their health and safety on a daily basis. After all, daily living activities become more and more difficult as people age, and if your loved one also suffers from any form of dementia, their safety becomes a nearly constant concern and worry. Because you have a job and other responsibilities that take up a great deal of your time during the day, you find yourself wondering what assistance is available to keep your loved one safe and healthy all throughout the day until you can return and care for them yourself.

  • Reducing Anxiety During A MRI

    MRIs serve as important healthcare testing tools. The machines used during this test offer a glimpse into areas of the body that healthcare professionals would otherwise be unable to view. While a necessary tool, many people have anxiety and fear when it comes to having this type of test performed because of claustrophobia. Finding ways to reduce this tension can ensure a more comfortable experience. Relaxation Techniques A simple way to help keep yourself calm during an MRI is to perform relaxation techniques.

  • How Vacuum Extraction Can Help You Deliver Your Baby

    The use of a vacuum extractor or a venthouse is increasingly the first choice in obstetrics for assisted vaginal deliveries. However, it's important to understand what vacuum extraction is, how it can help you during labor, and why vacuum extraction is increasingly used over forceps. About Vacuum Extraction Many women need medical assistance to deliver their baby safely during labor, especially if there is a complication or normal contractions are no longer working.

  • Dental Implants: Long-Term Care And Health

    If you've gone through the process of dental implant surgery at a clinic like Oral Surgery Center, you have put time and money into your dental care and understand the risks of neglecting your teeth. In order for your gums and teeth surrounding implants to stay healthy, oral care should be a priority. Here are four tips to keep your dental implant healthy, and ultimately last longer. 1. Routine Check-ups

  • If You Make One Change This Year, Do This: Protect Your Hearing Against Noise

    If you're a concert-goer or musician who has ever experienced the hearing loss that occurs after listening to loud music, you know how difficult it can be to function until your hearing returns to a relatively normal level. You might also know about how you're supposed to wear hearing protection such as earplugs. However, if you're also one of those concert-goers or musicians who refuses to wear hearing protection, you could be putting yourself at risk of losing part or all of your hearing permanently.

About Me

About Jessica's Cosmetic Surgeries

Hello there! I'm Jessica Goodyear. I am an unofficial expert on cosmetic procedures--mostly because I've had a lot of them done. Some people judge me or think I'm fake, but I feel more like myself than I ever have before! It all started when I was a teenager. I broke my nose playing softball, and I had to have plastic surgery on my nose so that I could breathe properly. But my nose looked different afterwards, and I liked it better! Now I save up my money to get something done every few years. Whether it's teeth whitening or veneers, a little bit of liposuction, or new cheekbones, there's something so satisfying about letting your inner beauty shine out through your outer body. I started this site to help break the stereotypes about cosmetic surgeries and to talk about some of the health risks related to them. Check it out!